VELLEMINFROY mineral water

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A medal-winner mineral water

At the international Gourmet Waters competition,
category “Flat water of character

A minerality of exception, pure and beneficent.

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It is in France, from an unspoiled natural site in Haute-Saône (Franche-Comté) that Velleminfroy water draws all the qualities that make it a water unlike any other.

Discovered in 1828, it was officially declared a “natural mineral water” by the Imperial Academy of Medicine in 1859. Renowned for its beneficial effects, Velleminfroy water is being reborn to bring you its advantages once more. Its unique bottle is a worthy receptacle for a rediscovered virtuous water.

Everything has come together to make Velleminfroy an exceptional water: it is rich in minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium, it is pure with zero nitrates and an ideal pH! It also facilitates digestion and is suitable for a low sodium diet.

Thanks to its exceptional composition and balance, Velleminfroy water can be drunk at all ages, from 2 years. Drunk during regular “cures”, it will bring its benefits to all those who appreciate well-being and pleasure!

VELEMINFROY is officially recognized as a mineral water by the EU members states and by the EEA (Iceland und Norway).  it is published in the Journal Officiel of the Europeen Commission.

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VELLEMINFROY a mineral water of absolute purity is available via us and via our business partners!

The VELLE “Prestige Bottle”:

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With its unique purity celebrated by sommeliers around the world, its low sodium content and its neutral pH, VELLEMINFROY is the ideal mineral water to refresh the palate and increase your enjoyment of wine and champagne tasting at your fine-dining opportunities!


The VELLE “Vintage Bottle”:

Velleminfroy has developed a new glass bottle to meet the highest demands of consumers. This new bottle is the “vintage” that commemorates the history of Velleminfroy through a design “old fashioned/Nostalgic” particularly popular with consumers.
This back to the roots evokes the remarkable history of the mineral water of Velleminfroy: discovered in 1828 and immediately known for its benefits, the Source quickly became a place of cure renowned throughout Europe in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century .
Long awaited, the “vintage” bottle which comes in flat and sparkling version is intended for H&R, Bio and delicacies markets. It is expanding the range of Velleminfroy bottles and is already generating a lot of interest in terms of referencing.

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