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Source de Velleminfroy

ZAC de Château-Grenouille
70240 Velleminfroy

The company LES EAUX MINÉRALES DE VELLEMINFROY, owner of the Velleminfroy spring, is the producer and the bottler of the mineral water VELLEMINFROY.

VDC EUROPE: VDC stands for Velleminfroy Distribution Center. it is one of the main business partners of VELLEMINFROY SAS. The focus of VDC Europe is to be first the exclusive importer of Velleminfroy Premium mineral water for Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Poland. Secondly is to export via partnerships to other countries assigned to it by Velleminfroy SAS.

VDC-Europe performs its trading activities primarily through its own agents, partners or through distributors who share its distribution and business model. Since each distributor or agent is responsible for promoting and selling the products in his geographical area, you will have a direct and individual contact person close to you.