Velleminfroy Distribution Center Europe

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Velleminfroy Distribution Center: VDC EUROPE  is the exclusiv Importer/Fist Distributer for Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Poland of the company EAUX MINERALES DE VELLEMINFROY SAS producer and bottler of the Premium Mineral water out of Velleminfroy in France. VDC Europe also exports via partnerships to other countries assigned to it by Velleminfroy SAS.

Customers target/B2B: We deliver mainly Premium drinks distribution companies, Hotel-/Restaurants Chains, BIO-retailers chains, Sport-Clubs/Fitness center and Gourmet-Food retailers chains.

Packaging/Delivery volume: For a good optimisation of the transport costs, we propose to our customers a delivery based on 2000 bottles minimum. For deliveries with a lower volume a prior customer approval of the transport cost is required. VELLEMINFROY is available in various bottles sizes of 1,00L/0,50L/0,33L, in PET. Glass bottles are available only in 0,75L.

All our bottles are subject in Germany to a deposit (Pfandpflicht) of 0,25€.


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